Led by volunteers from the local community, the project aimed to inspire more people of all ages to take an active interest in local history and to engage with learning about pottery and archaeological remains from their area. The project, launched with displays and activities at The Charltons Village Day on Saturday July 6th, ran through the summer and autumn of 2013. It included a review of existing ceramic finds from the area; activities to extend the collection; talks on the Roman period and archaeological finds in Somerset; and an exciting living history element to engage younger participants.

The area is close to Roman settlements and routes (the Fosse Way) and the data collected will add to existing knowledge of the area during this period. The project also involved Eddie Daughton, an expert in ancient ceramic technology who supervised the build of a reconstruction of a Romano-British kiln and pottery-making at Hallr Wood in Charlton Mackrell. Young people, school children and volunteers assisted with this experimental archaeology and there was a special open day to test the kiln out and as a final celebration.

There are many pictures of the events on the Facebook pages of the partner organisations - see Links